If I had to give a theme to 2022, it would be “clean water.” That’s because in 2022, the majority of our projects focused on clean water and flood impact reduction. Clean water is so important to our region and all of humanity and wildlife. Many people think about the drinking water that comes out of the tap, often cleaned by local municipalities or water utilities. Before that water gets to the facility, it comes from the land… and often picks up pollutants that are costly to remove before they come out of your faucet. HeartLands Conservancy’s work to restore natural conditions in floodplains and streams, and to reduce stormwater runoff from cities, helps remove millions of tons of pollutants from our water.

Here are some highlights of water-related projects that happened in 2022 thanks to supporters of HeartLands Conservancy:

    • 310 acres of land is now permanently preserved and being restored to wetlands near Edwardsville, Valmeyer, Germantown, and Bartelso. These wetlands will provide wildlife habitat and help manage flooding and filter pollution in our region’s water.
    • The wetlands restoration above brought HeartLands’ land conservation efforts to over 10,000 total acres preserved!
    • Phase 1 of the Exploration Garden in Swansea was unveiled and Phase 2 – the Raindrop’s Journey – began. The Raindrop’s Journey filters water from the roof of the park pavilion as it makes its way to the pond, where many people fish.
    • Work continued to improve watershed health and reduce flash flooding in Madison and St. Clair counties, including the area around Scott Air Force Base, the watersheds in western St. Clair County, and in the central parts of Madison County.
    • Volunteers contributed more than 400 hours at Arlington Wetlands to help improve the habitat and protect the wetland system.

And not water related, but exciting…

    • A neighborhood action plan was completed for the City of Lebanon’s southeast quadrant and won the award for Outstanding Plan Making from the St. Louis Section of the American Planning Association.

It’s because of people in our region who care about this place that our water can be cleaner and healthier.

Thank you for all you do!

HLC’s Impact on Conservation in southwestern Illinois

Because of generous support from our members and sponsors, HeartLands Conservancy has been able to conserve, connect, and restore the diverse natural and cultural resources that sustain the people and communities of southwestern Illinois.

In 2022, HeartLands Conservancy supporters reached a milestone for conservation. Together we have preserved over 10,000 acres of land for nature, farms, and recreation in southern Illinois.

What does this look like?
6,770 acres are publicly accessible open spaces throughout the region, such as Willoughby Heritage Farm Conservation Reserve, Arlington Wetlands, Chouteau, Garbaret, and Mosenthein Islands, Engelmann Farm, White Rock Nature Preserve, and parts of the Shawnee National Forest.

Another 280 acres are currently under restoration with public access to come in the future!

That’s the equivalent of about 5 1/2 Forest Parks of public open space.

In addition to public land, supporters of HeartLands Conservancy have preserved nearly 3,000 acres of private land through our conservation easement program.

That’s almost 5 square miles!

With a conservation easement, a landowner voluntarily restricts future use of the land to a natural area or agriculture but still owns and uses the land in its conserved state. HeartLands Conservancy, as a land trust, protects and monitors these lands, forever ensuring they will remain open spaces.

Conserving, connecting, and restoring land for wildlife, food, and people is critical for our region’s quality of life. To continue this work, we must prepare for continuing episodes of extreme weather, ongoing battles against invasive species, repair of degraded forests and prairies, increased need for community green spaces for enjoyment, and increased food insecurity. The list goes on.

If you’re like us, you know that 10,000 acres are just the beginning! So, let’s celebrate the work we’ve accomplished together and let’s prepare for the future of the special places in which we live.

Historic Neighborhood: East St. Louis

In 2022, we proudly assisted various initiatives, leaving a positive mark on historic neighborhoods like East St. Louis and Lebanon, Illinois through nurturing community bonds and empowering local groups.

One notable achievement was our collaboration with the founders of the Valentine Conservation Park. With our technical planning support, the park’s plans took shape, and an action plan was developed to transform the land into a cherished neighborhood amenity. Through the efforts of the community, trees were planted, gardens were cultivated, and the park now stands as a legacy project dedicated to the Valentine Family.

Historic Neighborhood: Lebanon

In another inspiring partnership, HeartLands Conservancy worked alongside the Friends of McAllister Park to help the historically diverse neighborhood of the Southeast Quadrant of Lebanon. Together, we developed a comprehensive vision, set goals, and crafted a neighborhood plan that addressed crucial development and land use opportunities and challenges. Throughout the planning process, we engaged the community through events and activities, ensuring that neighbors, residents (past and present), and stakeholders had a voice. The success of this collaborative endeavor was recognized when the plan received the prestigious Outstanding Plan award from the APA – ST. Louis Chapter, having been adopted by both the neighborhood and the City.

At HeartLands Conservancy, we believe that preserving and empowering our communities is essential. The dedication and expertise of our multi-disciplinary team, combined with the active involvement of local groups, have made a tangible difference in Southern Illinois. 

In 2022, we witnessed the breathtaking transformation of the Exploration Garden and unveiled the remarkable growth and expansion of Phase 2. With each passing season, this haven of natural beauty continues to flourish, inviting visitors on an awe-inspiring journey.

In the spring, a magnificent display unfolded across the Exploration Garden’s pollinator meadow. Millions of native wildflowers burst into bloom, painting the landscape with vibrant hues and enchanting fragrances. As visitors strolled through the meadow, they were greeted by demonstration circles showcasing native landscape alternatives and majestic trees, serving as an inspiration for incorporating native plantings in their own properties.

Throughout the spring, summer, and fall, the meadow became a living canvas, evolving with waves of colors that harmoniously danced with the diverse wildlife. Birds serenaded the air, minks and turtles made occasional appearances, and butterflies gracefully flitted from flower to flower. The meadow became a cherished gathering place, attracting volunteers, visitors, and even hosting weddings, celebrations, and moments of quiet contemplation. Whether fishing, walking, or capturing photographs of the awe-inspiring scenery, everyone found their own unique connection to the natural wonders within.

At HeartLands Conservancy, we experienced the magic that unfolds within these blooming meadows, witnessed the harmony between humans and nature, and discovered the profound impact this space has on the community. 

Much of HeartLands Conservancy’s work involves targeted real estate transactions and associated relationship-building, due diligence, deal-making, and fundraising. Sometimes we buy a property and steward it permanently. In other cases, we buy land to save it from imminent loss and later transfer it to a permanent steward (e.g., parks department, conservation-minded individual, or a state or federal agency). 

In other scenarios, we empower a partner to make the purchase by negotiating the terms, securing funding, and managing or assisting with the acquisition on their behalf. Because of this, our finances can look very different from year to year. 

In 2022, we transferred ownership of our Middle Mississippi River National Wildlife Refuge inholdings to the US Fish and Wildlife Service. As with the global market downtown, we had significant losses on our investments and spent some of our reserves to cover unanticipated costs from inflation, resulting in a loss on our financial statements.

We could not do what we do without the generosity of every one of our donors.

Through your unwavering support in 2022, HeartLands Conservancy increased conservation in southwestern Illinois.

We would like to offer special recognition to the following partners that have provided key strategic support and investment in HLC’s conservation initiatives.

Our Supporters

Glenda and Kevin Abney
David Ackerman
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