We believe that for the people in our region to thrive, growth is necessary. However, we believe that cities and villages should host the majority of growth and development while integrating and considering nature in all aspects of growth. We believe this is cost-effective in the long run and favorable for community health, recreation, and economic development.

HeartLands Conservancy works with communities – frequently in a consulting-style role and or as a partner and collaborator – on projects and initiatives focused on our mission.

We offer the following services:


  • Community engagement
  • Community planning – comprehensive, focus areas, neighborhoods, and master planning
  • Public park and parks system design and planning
  • Bicycle and pedestrian system planning 
  • Strategic planning for environmental, parks, and other resources
  • Water quality education to meet MS4 requirements
  • Watershed and stormwater planning and implementation
  • Green infrastructure planning and implementation
  • Climate adaptation strategies
  • Property acquisition – strategy, deal-making, grant-writing
  • Grant funding assistance
  • Outdoor classrooms and garden planning and design
  • Cultural resource planning and preservation
  • Ecological assessment, management, and conservation planning

Examples of our work are available on our resource library page.

Contact our staff to inquire about community services

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In addition to the services we provide for communities, we have several regional initiatives in partnerships with communities, businesses, and residents: