HeartLands Conservancy has completed or assisted with more than 30 Comprehensive Bicycle & Pedestrian Facility Plans, both in Missouri and Illinois. HeartLands Conservancy believes that communities with a well-rounded transportation infrastructure network offer a higher quality of life for their residents. The presence of a high-quality network of sidewalks and trails (in addition to safe on-street facilities) attracts new residents and businesses. It also improves property values and overall community health.

These citizen-driven planning processes result in plan documents that aid the community in determining:

  • Existing Conditions, including resident survey information/data
  • Community-specific planned facilities, based on citizen input
  • Priorities for implementation
  • Estimates of cost for phased implementation
  • Identification of available funding sources
  • Identification of education and encouragement programs
  • Focusing on social equity in all planning efforts

Example Plans and Projects

* Completed as a part of a multi-year partnership with Trailnet.