Extra TLC Coming to Poag Sand Prairie

Poag Sand Prairie is receiving extra attention in 2023 thanks to the Edwardsville Community Foundation (ECF), Mr. Denny Kirkham, and Walker & Williams, PC. ECF agreed to provide $5,000 if HeartLands Conservancy’s supporters provided $500. Kirkham and Walker & Williams rose to the challenge!
Poag Sand Prairie is a rare habitat that we are working to enhance by replacing non-native plants with more diverse plants suited to southwestern Illinois sand prairies. The restoration will ultimately provide structure and food for birds, amphibians, reptiles, and pollinators. Several threatened and endangered species are trying to survive at Poag Sand Prairie, and this restoration effort will support their survival.
Habitat restoration is a multi-step, multi-year process. HLC’s team of dedicated staff, volunteers, and funders is essential to protecting and restoring the unique habitat of Poag Sand Prairie. While contractors will perform some of the work, volunteers can help, too. Tasks include creating brush piles for wildlife, removing invasive plants, and planting new sand prairie plants.
Visit Poag Sand Prairie through early and late summer – to enjoy the transformation from degraded prairie to high-quality habitat.