Full Moon Hike

On August 11, 2022, HeartLands Conservancy staff led 39 participants on a Full Moon Hike at Bohm Woods Nature Preserve and William C. Drda Woods.

The hike began at the parking lot of Bohm Woods, traveled on existing trails through Bohm woods, and ended at the tree planting at Drda Woods (2 miles total).

Participants were informed on the history of Bohm Woods and the acquisition of Drda woods, the partnership between the City of Edwardsville, HeartLands Conservancy, and the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation, and the importance of conservation easements and Nature Preserves to protect natural resources.

Highlights from the hike included a multitude of frogs jumping on the trail, flyovers by an owl and great blue heron above the tree planting at Drda Woods, a rising moon over the tree line, and each participant was given a moon pie at the end of the hike.