INDIAN-CAHOKIA CREEK WATER QUALITY IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM SIGN UP MADISON COUNTY, IL – A sign-up period is now open for landowners in the Indian-Cahokia Creek Watershed to apply for funding from a financial assistance program through HeartLands Conservancy. This financial assistance comes from a grant of over $830,000 from Illinois EPA Section 319 Nonpoint Source Pollution Control program and Madison County. HeartLands Conservancy recently received this funding to go towards watershed improvement projects in the Indian-Cahokia Creek Watershed.

The area eligible for financial assistance is located in north-central Madison County and southern Macoupin County. The area includes all or parts of the following municipalities: Bethalto, Bunker Hill, Dorchester, Dorsey, Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Hartford, Holiday Shores, Prairietown, Roxana, South Roxana, Staunton, Wilsonville, Wood River, and Worden.

A map of the eligible area is located here. HeartLands Conservancy is seeking landowners to voluntarily install water quality improvement projects, called best management practices (BMPs), in the watershed to reduce nonpoint source pollution, soil erosion, and nutrient and sediment loadings.

The following practices eligible for financial assistance include: ● Grassed waterways ● Ponds ● Water and sediment control basins ● Wetland restoration ● Shoreline stabilization ● Stream channel stabilization ● Streambank stabilization ● Bioswales ● Cover crops ● Sediment Basin

The financial assistance program will reimburse 50% of construction costs on selected projects started and completed during the grant period. Unfortunately, not all projects can be funded. Projects will be selected based on their pollutant reduction, cost, and other criteria.

The sign up period is open from now until October 31, 2022. Projects will be selected and built as funds allow. If funds are still available after all initially selected projects have been approved, another sign up period will be announced at a later date.

For information and updates on this project and to find out if your property is in the watershed, view the watershed map.

For additional information on Illinois’ Nonpoint Source Management Program and the 319(h) Grant Program, please visit:


Application Form (PDF) – Printable

Application Form – Fillable Online