Prairie Du Pont Project

IDNR Storm Sewer Survey

At the request of the Cities of East St. Louis and the City of Cahokia Heights, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources conducted a survey of elements of the storm sewer system in the several neighborhoods that suffer repeated flooding. The storm sewer survey is intended to provide information on existing infrastructure conditions so the community can make informed decisions about how to fix the stormwater flooding problems. HeartLands Conservancy is providing a link to IDNR’s survey information viewer to make it easy for Prairie du Pont watershed stakeholders to access the information.

How To

To quickly find your own home or business, type the address into the search box in the upper right corner of the map.

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Each dot on the map represents a piece of the storm sewer system, such as a drain inlet or a manhole. The dot color indicates the condition of the item.

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You can click on a dot to see the surveyor’s notes about condition, a picture of the item, and the surveyor’s drawing.

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The survey was conducted in the areas outlined on the map, in the vicinity of these neighborhoods: Piat Place, Parkside, Ping Pong and Edgemont.