Beyond the Visible Edge


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Betsy Kelleher’s world shattered after a phone call on Nov. 17, 2008.

“Hi Mom, it’s your son Bob,” she heard and she smiled at the way he always began his calls. But her smile quickly faded; Bob was in the hospital. He had just learned he had multiple myeloma cancer of the bone marrow and there was no cure.

For four years and three months, Kelleher found hope in her faith that God could work a miracle. Prayers did not bring healing, and a mother’s heart was broken. Three months after Bob’s death, she was further devastated by the sudden loss of a precious Boston terrier that had given her special comfort.

Join this grieving mother as she and a newly acquired Boston named Ribbons discover a pathway into a nearby wetlands conservation project. While exploring the developing secluded field, Kelleher finds comfort in a field of yellow flowers and hope in a morning sunrise.

As she struggles to accept God’s will in the loss of her son, walking the dog becomes a spiritual pilgrimage. Within that peaceful secluded field just beyond the visible edge of her mobile home community, she experiences God’s intimate, healing presence.