Elderberry (Sambucus canadensis)


Sold in 10″ (3 gal) pots
Full sun, medium shade
Soil Moisture: Moderate – High Moisture
Bloom Time: May to July
Height x spread: 5-8 ft x 5-8 ft
Flower: White clusters
Fruit: Black clusters of berries emerge in the summer after blooming.
Tolerate: Erosion, road salt
Attracts: Bluebirds, cardinals, finches, fox squirrels, turtles

Elderberries are often used for jams, jellies, wine, and pies. The shrub forms a thicket with clusters of flat, white-blooming flowers. The genus name may be derived from sambuco, the Italian word for the elder bush. Plants will spread by root sucker and will form thickets if the suckers are not removed. It is a good addition to butterfly, edible, native, pollinator, or rain gardens. It is effective erosion control in moist sites.

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