Rain Barrel


Brand Name: Upcycle
Capacity: 55.0 gallons
Height: 22.0 inches
Item Weight: 23.0 pounds
Length: 38.0 inches
Lower Temperature Rating: 0


There are holes drilled into the lid for the water to drain from your downspout. The screening keeps out the debris from the roof and keeps the mosquitoes out.

These rain barrels have a garden hose size spigot at the bottom of the barrels you have several options on how to water your plants since a garden hose, landscape tubing or drip tubing can be attached to the barrel. If you wanted to use a watering can simply situate the barrel on a wooden pedestal. The barrels also have an overflow fitting to allow the excess water that flows from the downspout to be diverted away from the barrel and a linking hose fitting so (2) or more barrels can be joined together and will all fill up from just (1) downspout.

The dimensions of this item are 38.00 x 23.00 x 23.00 inches.

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Black, Gray, Terra-Cotta, Blue