Tumbling Composter


• Holds an impressive 7.3 cubic feet of material! This is approximately 55 gallons.
• Low maintenance, nothing to clog up
• Pest proof, fully enclosed, off-the-ground compost bin
• Avoids odor problems by controlling moisture and aeration in excessively dry or rainy areas
• Provides insulation to aid heating of compost
• Compost Tumbler can be moved around the yard
Assembled dimensions: 36
Weight: 75 lbs
Easy mixing & turning of the compost materials
1 year manufacturer’s warranty

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Eliminate back strain with this hip level composter. The best garden tools are those that fit your style. If you prefer to work at waist level, this elevated compost maker is perfect. It is made with recycled components, including a pre-used 55-gallon black barrel and a frame made with plastic lumber that is 70% post-consumer.

The Upcycle Composter is an upcycled food-grade barrel. It is about 4 feet tall and only requires a 3 foot by 4-foot area. You can put it in a smaller area for storage, but you’ll need that much space free from obstacles to spin the barrel and properly aerate the compost.

Using a rocking motion to build momentum, a compost tumbler is relatively easy to turn. However, the composting action will rapidly reduce the content of the barrel to less than half its starting volume.

The three main ingredients that a composter needs are heat, oxygen, and moisture. The best position to place your composter is in full sun or at a minimum partial sun. The barrel holds the heat in all night and does not allow it to cool down like an open bin or stacking bin. The black barrel will absorb heat all day. The center tube aerates the compost pile and allows excess moisture to drain out. The steel bars inside break up the compost and fluff it up for better aeration. The most efficient bacteria, called “aerobes”, need oxygen to do their work. Without oxygen, they cannot survive and anaerobes can take over. Anaerobic bacteria isn’t very good at breaking down compost – those bacteria can slow decomposition down by as much as 90 percent.

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