Wild Ginger (Asarum canadense)


Sold in 4.5″ quart pots

Light: Part shade to full shade
Soil Moisture: Medium to wet
Bloom Time: April to May
Height x spread: .5-1 ft x 1-1.5 ft
Flower: Deep red color, bell-shaped hidden under leaves
Tolerate: Deer, heavy shade, erosion, wet soil
Resistance: Mammals, including deer
Other: Seeds distributed by ants

This plant makes an excellent ground cover in shady spots. Once established in your shade garden, the plant will grow into a colony that can expand up to six to eight inches in all directions each year.

According to the US Forest Service, “wild ginger’s flower is located at the base of the plant lying adjacent to the ground. The flowers are bell shaped with three acuminate-reflexed tips. The flower is brownish purple inside. Some folks liken the flower to a little knocked over jug on the ground. The color and the location of the flower have an unusual and interesting story. The flower evolved to attract small pollinating flies that emerge from the ground early in the spring looking for a thawing carcass of an animal that did not survive the winter.”

Where to see it growing: Bohm Wood Nature Preserve, Edwardsville and many high-quality forests in our region

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