Woodland Phlox (Phlox divaricata var. laphammi)


Sold in 4.5″ (1 qt) pots
Medium to partial shade
Soil Moisture: Medium
Bloom Time: May to July
Height x spread: 1 ft x 1 ft
Flower: Showy, light purple
Tolerate: Rich, moist, acid soils
Attracts: Butterflies and long-tongued bees

The Missouri Department of Conservation reports that butterflies are attracted to this species of phlox, and in fact, only insects with long tongues can reach far enough down the flower tube to reach the nectar. Thus, butterflies and skippers, moths (especially sphinx moths), and long-tongued bees (such as bumble bees) are the principal pollinators. Deer, rabbits, and groundhogs eat the plant.

Also called “Wild Sweet William”.

Where to see it growing: Signal Hill Outdoor Classroom, Belleville, IL | Bohm Woods Nature Preserve, Edwardsville, IL | Salt Lick Point Nature Preserve, Valmeyer, IL | Patriot’s Park, Greenville IL

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