Brushy Lake

Madison County  |  400 Acres

Type: Natural Area

Owned by: HeartLands Conservancy, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Metro East Sanitary District, Madison County

Hours: Not yet open to the public.

Location and Directions: Located just west of Fairmont Avenue, west of Collinsville.

Fairmont Ave, Collinsville, IL 62234

Facilities: There are currently no facilities at this location.

Regulations: This site is currently under restoration; therefore, it is not open to the public except for guided tours.

HeartLands Conservancy reserves the right to photograph or video visitors and program participants for promotional use, and usage of our properties implies consent.


In 2011 HeartLands Conservancy acquired 80 acres within the American Bottom ecosystem in Collinsville. The acquisition was strategic in nature in that it adds to the previously protected Levee Lake Illinois Natural Inventory site which lies to the south. Combined, over 400 acres are now protected in that area. Levee Lake serves as one of the best remaining swamp – pond habitats remaining in the American Bottom ecosystem.