East St. Louis Heritage Trail

East St. Louis – St. Clair County  |  0.4 Miles

Type: Shared-Use Path

Owned by:  N/A

Hours: Open Sunrise to Sunset

Location and Directions: Located between the MetroLink Station at 5th & Missouri Ave and the East St Louis Higher Education Campus at James R Thompson Blvd.

601 James R. Thompson Blvd, Brady Ave, East St Louis, IL 62201 

Facilities: Lighted shared-use path connecting the MetroLink Station to the East St. Louis Higher Education Campus.

Regulations: Posted on trail.  


The East St. Louis Heritage Trail (originally named M&M Trail) was built in 2000 through a partnership between HeartLands Conservancy (then named Southwestern Illinois Resource Conservation & Development), the Confluence, St. Clair County Intergovernmental Grants, and the McKnight Foundation. The trail was built primarily to connect students between the Higher Education Campus and the MetroLink Station to make access and circulation safer.