French Village Mound Preserve

St. Clair County  |  5 Acres

Type: Natural Area and Cultural Site

Owned by: HeartLands Conservancy

Hours: Not yet open to the public

Location and Directions: Located in Fairview Heights

Facilities: No facilities are available at this location.

Regulations: Access to this site is currently available by permission only. For questions, please contact Conservation Manager at 618-566-4451.

HeartLands Conservancy reserves the right to photograph or video visitors and program participants for promotional use, and usage of our properties implies consent.


The family of Al and Betty Davinroy donated this property to HeartLands Conservancy in 2021. The 5-acre property is being preserved for wildlife habitat and cultural resource conservation. Access to the property is challenging. HeartLands Conservancy will explore future access methods to potentially create walking trails through the property for public enjoyment.