The Bluebird Box Build Session

In July 2022, volunteers participated in a bluebird box build session. This opportunity to give back while avoiding the sweltering summer heat was made possible by a father/son team and a grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation. Lynn Wright, the father of HLC’s Eric Wright, is a former conservation professional with a knack for woodworking. The two teamed up over two months to create and facilitate this unique opportunity.
This project started on the back porch overlooking the native plants Lynn had planted to show his support for Eric‘s career. Eric and Lynn strategized how to create a bluebird box that could be assembled by anyone with a cordless drill and still meet the needs of bluebird parents. After the two reviewed standard bluebird box designs, the old woodworker mosied into the wood shop to create the bluebird box build kits.
During the bluebird box build session at HLC’s office, Lynn and Eric detailed how to prepare the bluebird box kits. Then, the faint whine of cordless drills filled the room while volunteers assembled the future bluebird homes. The conservation family connection between Lynn and Eric was not unique in the room. Husbands and wives, sisters, and a grandfather and granddaughter had joined forces to create homes for the next generation of bluebirds. In the end, 12 bluebird boxes were ready for installation at Arlington Wetlands, and at least four families were brought closer together by conservation.