Madison and St. Clair Counties | 57,277 Acres

Drains to: Cahokia Diversion Canal

Communities: Caseyville, Collinsville, Edwardsville, Fairview Heights, Glen Carbon, Hartford, Maryville, Pontoon Beach, South Roxana, Troy

Townships and Districts: Canteen, Caseyville, Chouteau, Collinsville, Edwardsville, Jarvis, Nameoki, O’Fallon, Pin Oak

Impairments: Total suspended solids, bottom deposits, phosphorus, manganese, iron, barium, low dissolved oxygen, chloride, mercury

Watershed Plan Completed: 2018 – IEPA Approval 2019

About This Watershed

The Canteen-Cahokia Creek watershed is located approximately 12 miles northeast of downtown St. Louis, Missouri. Water in the Canteen-Cahokia Creek watershed generally flows east to west and south to north. Water flow starts from the top of the bluffs and drains into the Cahokia Diversion Channel before emptying into the Mississippi River.

Communities along the Illinois Route 159 and Illinois Route 157 corridor are within the watershed. These include Glen Carbon, Maryville, Collinsville and Caseyville. The watershed is home to 64,000 residents. Agricultural land makes up 29% of the watershed, with most of that land in row crop farming.

Funding Opportunities

The Canteen-Cahokia Creek watershed has an active (through early 2022) Illinois EPA 319 Nonpoint Source Grant which provides partial reimbursement for installing pollution reduction practices in rural and urban settings. Some of these practices include grassed waterways, porous pavement, and streambank stabilization.

To learn more about this funding opportunity, contact Water Program Manager.

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