Flood and Climate Resilience

Climate change threatens water and communities in southern Illinois. Changes in frequency, intensity, and the location of severe storms is degrading water quality and increasing flooding risk.Β  Periods of severe drought alternate with periods of intense storms, causing negative impacts on agriculture, natural areas, and water supplies. Aging infrastructure, unsustainable development patterns, and natural systems loss contribute to all of these issues in our region.

Climate change affects our food systems, public health, neighborhoods, the economy, and our way of life in our region. It is disproportionately affecting people of color and low-income communities in our area.

HeartLands Conservancy works to protect and restore wetlands, forests, creeks, floodplains, and rivers that help slow rainwater and support clean water.

We work with communities and public agencies to install green infrastructure as a cost-effective way to manage climate change impacts.