Madison, Macoupin and Jersey counties | 78,500 Acres

Drains to: Mississippi River

Communities: Alton, Bethalto, Brighton, Godfrey, East Alton, Rosewood Heights

Townships and Districts: Alton, Brighton, Bunker Hill, Fort Russel, Foster, Godfrey, Hillyard, Moro, Piasa, Shipman, Wood River

Impairments: dissolved oxygen and fecal coliform, alteration in steam-side or littoral vegetative covers, changes in steam depth and velocity patterns, loss of instream cover, aquatic algae, aquatic plants, sedimentation/siltation

Watershed Plan Completed: 2020 – IEPA Approval 2020

About This Watershed

The Wood River watershed is an area in southwestern Illinois that drains to East Fork Wood River, West Fork Wood River, and Wood River before flowing into the Mississippi River. Flooding is a problem throughout the watershed, both where creeks rise up out of their banks and in urban areas (i.e., β€œflash flooding”).

Funding Opportunities

None available at this time.